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Welcome to Road to Recovery. As an award-winning UK accident management company, we represent non-fault parties who’ve been involved in road traffic accidents. As well as best-in-sector claims management services we also provide excess protection and nationwide breakdown cover.

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How can We Help You?

If you’ve suffered through another driver’s carelessness then our range of accident management services will help put you back on the Road to Recovery…

Vehicle Recovery

Even if your vehicle starts after an accident, it’s unlikely to be roadworthy. We’ve developed a nationwide network of local vehicle recovery operators who are able to come out to you quickly and get your vehicle moved to a safe place ASAP!

24/7 Incident Support

Road traffic accidents can happen day or night, so you need an accident management company that offers round-the-clock support. Luckily, here at RTR our carefully trained representatives are always available and are only ever a phone call away.

Uninsured Loss Recovery

Insurance only goes so far, and a no-fault RTA can leave you out of pocket for costly phone bills, damaged personal effects and even lost earnings. But don’t count on your insurer for support – choose RTR and we’ll ensure you’re not left in the red!

Vehicle Storage

Following an accident, your vehicle should be stored safely, securely and at no cost to you. At RTR we take the stress of vehicle storage off of your shoulders, and take care of it ourselves as part of our comprehensive accident management services.

Vehicle Damage Assesment

Having an accurate and impartial vehicle damage assessment is a must after an accident. We’ll ensure that your vehicle is inspected promptly and thoroughly by an independent professional who’ll properly record all the damage inflicted during the accident.

Replacement Vehicles

Don’t settle for bargain-basement wheels from your insurer when we can provide the like-for-like replacement you’re entitled to! We have prestige marques, bikes, commercial vehicles, taxis, dual-control vehicles and far more available now!

Shouldn’t I Leave This to My Insurer?

If you’ve been affected by a road traffic accident that wasn’t your fault, you can’t always count on your insurer to represent your best interests. The simple fact is that the insurers make their money from drivers who do pay their premiums – but don’t make claims. So, even if you’re the innocent party, the act of processing your claim is often seen as a ‘hassle’ your insurer would sooner do without!

At RTR we’re not an insurer – we’re an accident management company. As such, we act in the very best interests of our clients – the innocent motorists, just like you, who’ve suffered as a result of another driver’s error.

Fleet Management

If your business operates a whole fleet of vehicles, then the chances of an accident are multiplied. If the worst happens, contact us and we’ll save you the time and stress of picking up the pieces, meaning you can get on with running your business!

As a full-service UK accident management company, we can support you every step of the way from accident to recovery. That’s because everything we offer is built around one guiding belief… If an accident wasn’t your fault then you shouldn’t be left worse off!

When you choose us, you’re choosing the convenience of having the whole process handled by a professional team with a dedication to delivering best-in-sector accident management services. Our network of well-established industry contacts means we can handle your claim quickly and comprehensively – and we’ll never lose sight of the one key fact…

As a no-fault party you have the legal right not to suffer for someone else’s mistake!

With that in mind, we’ll work tirelessly and leave no stone unturned to ensure you come away from a no-fault accident no worse off than you were before…

Can your insurer really say the same?

Personal Injury Representation

Accidents can damage us as well as our vehicles, and if you’ve suffered a personal injury it may affect many aspects of your life. At RTR we may pass on your details to a third-party solicitor to process your personal injury claim.

RTR – More than Just an Accident Management Company!

For most companies, offering best-in-sector accident management services would probably be enough. But here at RTR we like to offer even more to support UK motorists…

PAYG Breakdown Cover

We know that accidents aren’t the only problem drivers face out on the UK’s roads. Luckily, our innovative pay-as-you-go breakdown cover delivers peace of mind at a fraction of the price you’d pay for the bloated alternatives offered by certain ‘big name providers’!

Motor Excess Protection

We’ve also spotted how hard the insurers are hitting unlucky drivers who have a bump… With excesses often topping £1,000 there’s a whole lot of pain when you make a claim! Luckily, our motor insurance excess protection can take the sting out of your insurer’s tail!

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