• Accidents Can Happen To Any One Of Us

  • There Will Always Be Someone To Blame

  • Your High Insurance Excess Will Have To Be Paid!

  • Your no claims bonus disappears without a trace

  • Even so, there is nothing for you to worry about

  • Welcome To RTR UK - The Award Winning Accident Management Company

Why Choose RTR Accident Management Services? (See Below)

Welcome To RTR UK, Accident Management Services

Have You Been Involved In An Accident? Was The Accident No Fault Of Your Own?

That is the question and one we seem to be asked a 100 times a day. TV Commercials, Radio Adverts, Newspaper Articles, no matter how hard we try we can’t escape the dreaded question.

Even the comedy sketch shows have started to run with it, that’s how mainstream that question as become.

Even though the above irritates the hell out of us we must not confuse their message with Accident Management. RTA Accident Management is about far more than personal injury, it’s about providing At Scene Incident Support, RTA Vehicle Recovery, Vehicle Storage, Independent Damage Assessment, Like For Like Replacement Vehicles, Free Legal Representation and so on.

It’s about entitlements and ensuring that all Non-Fault RTA parties receive those entitlements.

It’s also about choice and alternatives. Insurance is part of our everyday lives’; we can’t escape that however hard we try. Does this mean that we have to dance to the beat of the insurance companies drum?


Road To Recovery (RTR UK Ltd) is an Accident Management Company. We help and represent non-fault accident victims across the length and breadth of the UK.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the full accident management package and by this I mean.

  1.  Free 24/7 Incident Support

  2. Free RTA Vehicle Recovery

  3. Free Independent Vehicle Damage Assessment

  4. Free Vehicle Storage

  5. No Claims Bonus Protection

  6. Insurance Excess Protection

  7. Uninsured Loss Recovery

  8. Fleet Management Services

  9. Personal Injury Representation

What’s laid out above is just the tip of the iceberg. Road To Recovery’s Accident Management Service is an extremely complex set of procedures brought about by RTR UK being not just a Claims Management Company but also a National Breakdown Cover provider and purveyor of Motor Excess Insurance.

Regulated by the claims management regulator in respect of regulated claims management activities 

An informed decision is more often than not a correct decision. Before you decide as to what action is best suited for you then please familiarise yourself with all the facts.

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Testimonials From Some Very Satisfied Customers

Mick - PAYG Member

A pleasant surprise

I joined Road To Recovery’s PAYG Breakdown Cover scheme last April. I took my Mrs to Wales in the Summer and broke down half way across the Brecon Beacons. I called the number I had been given and sure enough a recovery guy came out and took myself the Mrs and the car to Swansea. With the extra miles it cost me about £110 but considering that I have only broken down once in 10 years i’ve saved a bundle.

Good service and quick response time



Alan Sandhurst - General Public

Don’t get fobbed off

I had a bump on my way home from work late last December. It was dark, no one was stopping, it was just myself and the man who had ran into the back of me stuck at the side of the road.

The man was very apologetic and on the face of it seemed to be a very nice guy. Cars were still driveable, we swapped personal details, he admitted fault so apart from the inconvenience things were not to bad.

When I phoned my insurance company they told me that the other driver had said that the accident was my fault and that because there were no witnesses it would be hard to contest. My insurance companies attitude was very lethargic and it came across to me as though they could not be bothered.

I found Road To Recovery on the Internet and phoned them. I gave them all the details and hoped for the best. They got back to me that evening and said that they had spoken to the other driver personally and that he had admitted fault.

They had reached this goal by telling the other driver that they had requested the CCTV from that area.

Everything got sorted and at zero cost to me.

I changed my insurance company the following week.

Very happy Bunny

TEL: 0300 303 3833

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Need A Non-Fault RTA Like For Like Replacement Vehicle?

If you have been involved in a Non-Fault Road Traffic Accident and you need a like for like replacement vehicle then look no further as Road To Recovery can help. We have access to one of the UK’S largest replacement vehicle fleets so whatever your needs we can meet them. Take a look at our vast selection below.

Motor Excess Insurance Protection – Motor – Fleet – Taxi – Commercial & More

A few years ago the sale of Motor Excess Insurance would not have been possible. If there was any excess at all then it was never more than a £100. I am of course referring to typical vehicle everyday car insurance.

There’s nothing more certain than change and boy have we seen change when it comes to the price we pay for car insurance.

Your typical excess has risen from £100 to £500 and in some cases a £1000 if the driver in question is young or convicted. In the event of an accident everyday folk would be hard pushed to find this amount so the sensible move would be to protect it.

Motor Excess Insurance is not an expensive product so its purchase is well worth thinking about. Below is a selection of what we have to offer. If you’re in the market for more products like Home and Business etc. then please visit our main Excess Insurance website www.goodbyeexcess.com

National RTA Vehicle Recovery & Breakdown Assistance Services

Vehicle Technology and Car Scrappage Schemes have each taken their toll on the Breakdown Cover industry. We do still need breakdown cover but not in the way we used to.

Most businesses adapt or re-configure themselves to suit the market but not breakdown cover companies. They prefer to be slippy, cloak and dagger, and get to you via your bank account or some special 3rd party offer that has nothing to do with breakdown cover.

It’s a case of “you’re having it whether you like it or not”

What they’re loath to let go of is your subscriptions. Annual direct debits that keep there wine flowing and prestige cars a moving.

They can’t wait for you to break down before they charge you because they know that the chances of that happening are slim.

Road To Recovery is not interested in your subscriptions.

Road To Recovery’s Pay-As-You-Go Breakdown Cover Membership puts an end to those annual subscriptions and over a period of time will save you a fortune.

Cheapest National Breakdown Cover

RTR UK Ltd a UK Accident Management, Excess Insurance & Roadside Assistance Company

RTR UK Ltd (Road To Recovery) providing Accident Management Services for Non-Fault Road Traffic Accident Victims. Please view our website in its entirety to see just how RTR UK can help you.

RTR UK Limited is an appointed representative of Your Company Matters Limited, which is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Ref 591949. RTR UK Limited is registered in England and Wales, Company No 05174365, Registered Address Dovecote House, Middlecliffe Lane, Little Houghton, Barnsley, S72 0HW.