Driving on roads can always be risky, as accidents can happen anytime. No matter how carefully you drive, you may still encounter accidents due to the irresponsibility of others. With that said, you cannot fully guarantee your health, self-protection, and financial security on the road. That is why it is essential that you know your rights and familiarize yourself with non-fault car accident claims.

Under the English “Tort Law,” a claimant who suffered from either personal physical or financial harm due to civil wrong can file legal liability to the at-fault party. When that happens, the at-fault party, specifically their insurer, must pay for the losses.

So, what rights or claims are you entitled to when you suffer from a non-fault car accident? There are two insurance claims that you can receive: pecuniary loss and damage to your vehicle.

1. Claims for a Pecuniary Loss

Pecuniary loss pertains to financial loss you have suffered following the car accident. The purpose of this is to help you get back into your normal financial position before the accident happened. These covers several financial losses, including:

  • Loss of earnings due to injury
  • Medication and treatment costs
  • Costs for damage repairs
  • Travel or transportation expenses

2. Claims for the Damage of Your Vehicle

When your vehicle sustains damage due to a non-fault car accident, insurance companies can provide you with a replacement car for the meantime while yours is being repaired. This is to help you get back on the road and continue your work and regular lifestyle. According to the Tort Law, it is your right to get a replacement car that is similar to what you own.

There are two types of car replacement that you can get, which are the following:

  1. Courtesy cars – This is provided by your own insurance company. However, this is not always guaranteed as not everyone is entitled by default. Typically, car insurance companies only offer courtesy cars if your vehicle got damaged but is repairable. If it is beyond repair, they may not make you eligible for a courtesy car.
  2. Credit hire vehicle – On the contrary, this insurance claim is provided by the credit hire company of the at-fault party. With this, you can claim a replacement car paid by the insurer of the at-fault party. This is because it is their responsibility to help you get back on the road.


Non-fault car accidents can happen anytime on the road. An example of this is when a speedy car changes lanes and inflicts damage to your vehicle while you are driving responsibly on your lane. Fortunately, the UK government has an existing Tort Law that protects the claimant’s rights against personal physical and financial harm due to a civil wrong.

If you file legal liability to the at-fault party, you may receive claims for a pecuniary or overall financial loss following the accident. You can also get a replacement car for hire either provided by your insurer or the insurer of the at-fault party.

If you want to ensure your self-protection and financial safety against road accidents, you should connect with a non-fault accident management company. Contact us today for car accident services and UK-based accident assistance regarding an insurance claim.