Road traffic accidents cost a fortune, and worse, people’s lives. No one wants to be in an accident or to involve other people in the mishap, but sometimes it just happens when you least expect it. 

In the UK, there is a four per cent increase in reported road deaths in 2019 with 1,870 road deaths. Although the UK has one of the safest roads in the world, unfortunate incidents still occur. As a driver or pedestrian, the least you can do is to stay alert and beware of the common causes of a road traffic accident to protect yourself.


There are usually two kinds of people who commit overspeeding. First are those people who are trying to reach their destination on a specific time, and second are those thrill-seekers who feel impatient towards slow drivers or want to belong in the “cool” crowd. Belonging to any of the two won’t do you any good. You can either get a penalty point on your license or get yourself in an accident.

How to Prevent It: Try to leave home early or allow enough travel time for you to reach your destination on time and safer. If it’s your first time to try a new route, plan your itinerary. Lastly, always stay calm when driving. Remember that you’ll get to your destination without the need to speed above the set limitation.

Distracted Driving

Being distracted while driving is the number one cause of an accident in the UK today. You are a distracted driver if you are not focused on what you’re doing. You are either speaking with someone on your phone, eating food, putting your makeup on, reaching for something, quickly looking away, and the likes while your hands are on the steering wheel. An unintentional short-time disturbance can cost you your life or someone else’s. 

How to Prevent It: When driving, stay a hundred per cent focused until you reach your destination. If you need to do something or talk to someone, pull over to the side of the road or park somewhere safe before you do other things.

Drowsy Driving

Several things happen to your body when you are tired. Your vision can go blurry, your brain can’t focus, you have a reduced attention span, you react slowly, and your whole body would crave a quick sleep. In the UK, around 20 per cent of road traffic accidents are due to driver fatigue. 

How to Prevent It: If you think your body needs rest or sleep, please avoid driving. Have a good enough snooze before you do so or hire a cab or ride-sharing instead. Driving when you’re tired is like driving as if you’re half-asleep and anything can happen to you when you drive like that.

Bad Weather

No driver can control bad weather. Slippery roads caused by heavy rain, ice, and snow can lead to fatal vehicle crashes, and fog and dust can limit the driver’s vision. 

How to Prevent It: If driving is necessary during bad weather, the best thing you can do is to take appropriate precautions. Never over speed and make sure you give signals as needed.  


In any part of the world, even the most careful drivers find themselves involved in a vehicle accident because of irresponsible motorists. The key is to stay alert and calm all the time and do your best to be the excellent driver. Accidents are never intentional, but they happen; therefore, it is crucial to stay well-informed. Being aware of these common causes of road traffic accidents give you that extra line of protection. Now, you know the things to avoid, what to keep an eye on, and what to do to prevent any of these from happening.

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