Getting into a vehicular accident in the UK can be quite the trouble, especially if you had no fault in it. The car repairs alone are quite the expense and trouble, which is why filing for a no-fault accident claim is the common practice.  

As helpful as having your insurance handle all the nitty-gritty details is, your no-fault accident claim will dictate just how much stake you have with the compensation. In order to get the maximum amount for your claim, some preparation and know-how will go a long way.

To help you get the maximum amount out of your no-fault accident claim, here are six points to remember when you get into an accident that you had no hand in.

Gather the complete documentation

After the dust settles and people’s heads start clearing, the situation quickly escalates to a “he-said, she-said” situation. To avoid unnecessary stress, gathering complete documentation and reports from the onset is the best practice. Take lots of pictures of the accident, gather contact details of witnesses, and get a copy of the police report. If you have a dashcam, then the recording in itself will be all the proof necessary to strengthen your claim.

Contact a lawyer

While it is entirely possible to handle your no-fault accident claim alone, having the assistance of a lawyer will definitely give you an edge. A lawyer’s presence will add gravitas to your claim, causing insurance companies to take it a little bit more seriously. When push comes to shove, their expertise will come in handy should it delve further into a legal issue.

Get a check-up with a doctor immediately

For particularly messy accidents that involve physical harm, then seeking a doctor’s assessment should be in your priority list. A check-up that’s close to the time of the accident is always better evidence rather than one taken a week later. Not only will it strengthen your claim, but it will also help negate the doubts that the accident wasn’t as bad as it looked.

File your claim immediately

Get all of the necessary requirements immediately and file your no-fault claim as soon as possible to show that it’s urgent. Insurance companies will be less than convinced of your need if you decide to prolong your filing of the claim. By submitting early, insurance companies will be hard-pressed to argue that your claim isn’t urgent or important to you.

Watch what you post on social media

Many people tend to be careless about what they post on social media, which is a horrible practice, particularly with sensitive matters. As much as your activity in your social media platform can be considered “private matters,” it is still arguably on public domain—which is why what you post can be used in legal matters. Even something as simple as posting about a previously attended vacation can be used against you to deprioritize your claim, so be wary about the things you place on social media.

Get an accident management service on your side

If the nitty-gritty details are too confusing or difficult for you, then getting the help of an accident management service will definitely come in handy. With their assistance, no-fault road accidents can be a breeze to get through—while assuring the best and easiest results for your claim.

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