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Why Choose RTR UK Accident Management Services?

Why Choose Road To Recovery Accident Management? Shouldn’t we just phone our Insurer? Instinct tells us too. We are not at fault so what could possibly go wrong?

Involving your insurance company when an accident is not your fault is not necessarily the right move. If your’e not already aware of what the likely scenario could be then READ HERE. If you are aware and would like to know more about the Road To Recovery solution then please read below.

Going through RTR UK Ltd (Road To Recovery)

1. A Thing of Beauty

There are Accident Management Companies and there are Accident Management Companies. Most AM companies are what we would call “standard fare” where as others we look on as company’s of beauty. RTR UK Ltd (Road To Recovery) is a company of beauty an award winning company of beauty.

Not only is RTR UK an Accident Management Company but it’s also a National Breakdown Assistance and Excess Insurance Company. When you marry the 3 industries together you have by default the perfect Accident Management Company.

Want to know why? read on

2. Muddied Waters

Whenever we watch the TV or turn on the radio we’re met by a constant stream of adverts each one asking us to register our non-fault claim with them.

Unknown entities so eager to throw £500 at you that you begin to wonder whether your back actually does hurt and whether you might have had a fall at work but forgotten about it!

Are these people Accident Management Experts? No they are not. They’re just a bunch of obscure law firms eager to cash in on your misfortune.

With all that’s taken place with regards to the claims industry and referral fees then it’s of no surprise that the waters have become muddied. Don’t confuse the above entities with real accident management. They have no connection and are in no way the same.

3. Ball Already Rolling

Like with any claims management company you can of course contact RTR UK at any time during your claims process. This can very well happen when consumers find themselves disillusioned with the company they first enlisted to help them. In many cases this will be their insurance company.

In these instances things can be more difficult because certain factors may have already come into play. What we can do is promise to help and advise you as to what your rights are and how best to achieve them. This is a 100% FREE service and one that will certainly enlighten you as to the best way forward.

4. Unable To Predict The Future?

None of us expect to be involved in an accident and very few of us prepare to be involved in an accident.

Tempt fate? No Way Hosay!

We can’t really prepare anyway not in the real sense of the word as we are still unable to predict the future. We can apply certain safeguards and look on these safeguards as pre-accident preparations. It’s what we at Road To Recovery advocate and something we know to be well worthwhile should ever the worst happen.

Accidents do happen we know that for sure. We also know that whatever the scenario the person involved is going to be stressed and disorientated. Making accurate and logical decisions under those conditions is very difficult. In all likelihood you won’t know what you are doing and in some instances you will be allowing people (strangers) to make decisions for you.

The outcome of this could be good or in some cases not so good.

What we say at Road To Recovery is “Why take the chance?”

5. Take The Risk Away By Registering Today

24/7 Incident Support

Consumers that register their vehicles with Road To Recovery have already taken an adequate step in regards to their pre-accident preparation.

Road To Recovery provides its members with 24/7 Incident Support by way of a UK Call Centre Helpline, an invaluable asset when an RTR member needs help and advice at the scene of an accident.

Calls are answered immediately and by industry trained professionals. There are no set time limits and no charges applied for this service. Once our operative is aware of your circumstances you should follow their advice accordingly.

If you are found to be at fault then our operative will advise you on what steps to take. If you are not at fault then the following actions will be put into place.

RTA Vehicle Recovery

Once things have calmed down and the dust settled the next issue will be Vehicle Recovery. Whether or not you will need this service will be dependent on the severity of the accident.

If your vehicle is no longer road worthy then our operative will call in one of our Recovery Operators. You and your passengers will be taken to a destination of your choice and your vehicle put into storage at our recovery yard.

RTR will liaise with the at-fault party and their insurance company. A courtesy call will be placed to your own insurance company informing them of what has taken place and making them aware that things are being dealt with.

In more serious instances where you have been taken to hospital then the police will have dealt with everything. They will have a detailed and photographic account of what they think took place and a list of witnesses. Should the accident be no fault of your own then RTR UK will act on your behalf and liaise with all the relevant bodies and begin the accident management process.

Whatever the “Not At Fault situation” RTR has systems in place to deal with all and every eventuality.

Replacement Vehicles

In a typical “insurance company involved” situation the Vehicle Repair Garage will supply any replacement vehicle. This can take up to 3-4 weeks as that’s how long insurance companies take to establish blame. Vehicles are always of a Bog Standard nature with Ford Ka’s and Nissan Micra’s being the vehicle norm.

Vehicles are supplied subject to availability so there are no guarantees

Road To Recovery normally establishes blame within a 24-hour window subsequently enabling them to provide you with a replacement vehicle within a 24-hour period. Because the accident was of no fault of your own, you are by law entitled to a replacement vehicle that is the same or at the very least similar to your own vehicle.

The logic and true value of this service comes into play when the non-fault party is either a Driving Instructor, Taxi Driver, Delivery Van Driver or just an everyday Mum with a large family.

Tiny run around vehicles are of no use to any of the above. These people need replacement Dual Control Vehicles, Delivery Vans, Taxis and 7 Seater People Carriers so that School Runs can be continued.

Road To Recovery (RTR UK Ltd) has access to one of the UK’S largest fleets of replacement vehicles, 1000’s of Prestige, Commercial and Standard vehicles.

With Road To Recovery you get a like for like replacement vehicle, at no cost to you and in record time.

Vehicle Damage Assessment

People give little thought to the “Vehicle Damage Assessment” procedure as they assume that everything will be put back as it was and that will be it. In some instances this might be so but in other instances it’s not.

If the assessor feels that the vehicle is not worth repairing then you will be offered what the insurance company feels is the true value of the vehicle.

Rarely is this figure the true value, it’s more likely to be bottom book without any consideration being given to the additions and improvements you may have made.

Vehicle Damage Assessments need to be carried out by a neutral body, somebody with no affiliation to the insurance company industry. With Road To Recovery this will be the case with an insurance company it won’t.

Realise the true value of your vehicle by enlisting the services of RTR UK (Road To Recovery)

Accident Repair Centres

Under normal “Insurance Company Involved” circumstances you won’t even be told where your vehicle is being repaired never mind being asked where you would like it repaired. The thought never crosses your mind as your only concern is when you’re getting your vehicle back.

You should be concerned because not every Accident Repair Centre is the same. Never forget the fact that someone else is having to pay for these repairs and they’re not going to be over the moon about it. Keeping costs down is imperative to insurance companies so sourcing a network of shall we say “Good Value” Accident Repair Centres is something they would have done years ago.

With Road To Recovery you decide where your vehicle is going to be repaired as this is your right by law. Only 1 repair quote is necessary and if you find that quote acceptable then the At-Fault Party’s insurance company has to agree to it.

Road To Recovery has a trusted network of both private and commercial accident repair centres many of which hold accreditations of excellence. You may decide to use one from our network or you may not. The important point here is that the choice is ultimately yours.

ULR (Uninsured Loss Recovery)

Being compensated for the not so obvious expenses can be a complete nightmare and at best an up hill struggle. You’ll be out of pocket in so many different ways that you will need to make notes to keep track.

Travel expenses, loss and damage of personal items, time off work and so on. These are classified as out of pocket expenses.

The At-Fault Party’s insurance company will try to dodge these expenses and in many cases argue their validity if they feel the claim is fraudulent.

If a case goes to court then the court could rule either way. Legal Expenses Insurance will protect you in the event of a negative ruling.

Road To Recovery ensures that you have “Legal Expenses Insurance” in place.

Personal Injury

People who have been involved in a Road Traffic Accident carry an 85% chance of being injured. Whether or not that injury is serious is dependent on the severity of the accident.

The most common form of RTA injury is Whiplash, a condition most people think of as trivial. People suffering from Whiplash can be debilitated for as long as 3-6 months and in many cases more.

Neck Pain, Headaches, Anxiety; Panic Attacks are all common symptoms of Whiplash.

Just because you appear physically unscathed does not mean you have got off lightly from an accident.

It’s bad enough having your life turned upside down but to suffer a non-fault injury well that’s an injustice.

Receiving the correct compensation for an injury can be difficult. It shouldn’t be but it is. Transgressors try to wriggle out of their obligations because they cost money. They build their businesses under the pretext of making money so the last thing they want to do is give it away.

You can’t fight an injustice without an adept legal team behind you. The amount of compensation you receive has to be in sync with the true value of the claim. Not less.

Road To Recovery has one of the finest in-house legal departments in the UK. Combined they have over 20 years of litigation experience and understand the claims industry like no other.

Road To Recovery will assist you in realising the true value of your claim and not just a small portion of it.

With RTR UK you receive justice while at the same time receiving the right amount of compensation


As you can see there is a whole host of reasons as to why you should choose to enlist the Accident Management Services of RTR UK as against going through your insurance company. None of which refer to you having to pay your Excess or losing your NO Claims Bonus, which you very well might when going through an insurance company.

The above only scratches the surface but I am not at liberty to write reams of text, as attention spells are limited even when what’s being written is for the readers own good.

If you cut to the chase then the issue here is simple.

Consumers have entitlements by law and these entitlements come into play when the consumer in question is not at fault. Very few of us are aware of these entitlements and for the most part that is our own fault. No one is obligated to inform us of these entitlements so it’s up to us to find out.

The TV & Radio Commercials we see and hear daily are trying to tell us but they go about it the wrong way. They assume that we need bribing when we don’t.

Road To Recovery is an Award Winning Company that looks to exercise your rights and on your behalf. We make small (Government Agreed) amounts on each service we provide. We prosper as a company as we are trusted and supported by a large portion of the UK public.

We would like to support you if and when you need us.

An informed decision is more often than not a right decision. To find out more about how an insurance company will assist you then please click on the box below.


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Why You Should Choose RTR UK Accident Management & Not Your Insurer?

In a Non-fault Road Traffic Accident situation consumers should always choose Accident Management as against going through their insurance company. Why pay your excess and jeopardise your no claims bonus when you don’t have to?

RTR UK Limited is an appointed representative of Your Company Matters Limited, which is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Ref 591949. RTR UK Limited is registered in England and Wales, Company No 05174365, Registered Address Dovecote House, Middlecliffe Lane, Little Houghton, Barnsley, S72 0HW.