Why Buy Car Excess Insurance?

In accordance with UK law, every driver on our roads must have a sound insurance policy before getting behind the wheel. This is common driving sense and has been the case since the Road Traffic Act of 1930. Though it can sometimes seem like a pain, these rules are put in place to protect both us and other drivers on the roads. With insurance policies in place, no one is ever left out of pocket or unable to pay for medical bills, repairs, and so forth. In fact, car insurance is such an essential part of driving that being caught without can see you facing unlimited fines alongside six points on your license.

It’s fair to say, then, that seeking the best insurance policy is essential for your driving journey. And, when you start looking into the insurance world, you’ll fast stumble upon something called excess. This is a fixed amount of money which you must pay your insurer each time you have to make a claim on your policy which is your fault. Say you’re responsible for an accident; you would need to pay your excess to ensure that your insurer paid repairs to the injured party.

Seems relatively straightforward, doesn’t it? In reality, though, there’s a little more to excess payments than meets the eye. When you start researching this further, you’ll soon find that there are two different types of excess which you need to get your head around – 


  • Compulsory excess is an excess payment which will be set in stone when you agree on your insurance policy. This is the minimum amount of excess you will need to pay, and there’s no getting around it. Any fault-base claim you make will come complete with this price tag.
  • Voluntary excesses are payments which a driver can decide to add to their excess themselves. The main benefit of doing this is that it can lower insurance premiums without guaranteeing that you’ll ever need to pay that voluntary sum. But, if you have an accident, you’ll need to find a way to cover both your compulsory excess and your voluntary payment.


Whether you opt for both forms of excess or stick with compulsory payments, an accident could leave you looking at significant costs no matter how good your policy is in the first place. This is an area of worry for many drivers, and it’s one of the reasons why many are now turning to car excess insurance cover as offered by companies like Goodbye Excess. Policies like these could take the effort out of excess payments, and here’s why many drivers are now deciding that they’re worthwhile.

What is excess insurance?

As you can probably guess from the name, an excess insurance policy is extra insurance to cover those excess costs. While options like these do mean increasing your monthly car payments, they can save you a great deal of money and hassle in the aftermath of an accident. Not to mention that they bring real peace of mind to the driving journey considering that average excess costs can now amount to upwards of £1,000. This is the last thing you want to worry about when you have an accident, especially if you’ve already paid a great deal towards your insurance policy in the past. And, it’s a stress which the right excess insurance can save you from altogether.

What could an excess policy do for you?

When you delve into the ins and outs of excess policies, it’s easy to see that they offer a great deal to anyone who signs up.

excess insurance

While car accidents are perhaps the most common use for any policies like these, they also cover other car-related claims such as fire damage and theft. And, while a standard policy will only cover your vehicle of choice, there are even hire car options for those who often rent cars as they travel. Policies like these mean that you can gain that same peace of mind, no matter which car you’re in at the time of an accident. This is fantastic news given that you’ll otherwise be reliant on an insurance policy which the hire company has put in place.

That could see you paying pre-agreed excesses which are well above those on your personal plan. Excess hire insurance makes sure that’s never the case. 

No matter which kind of policy you need, it’s also worth noting that excess insurance can ensure that you’re never off the road for long. This is vital in a world where 36% of the population rely on their cars to get to and from work. If you’re unable to meet excesses for whatever reason, this could see you losing money or having to spend a great deal on alternative transport. But, with an excess policy in place, you can speed the repair process and get back on the road in the shortest time possible. And, that could save you both money and hassle at an already stressful time.

Where can you find the best excess policy?

Of course, you wouldn’t jump into general car insurance agreements without first making sure that you chose the company which offered the best benefits. And, excess insurance is no different. Getting a policy which suits your specific needs is all about shopping around and comparing prices to guarantee the best deal and cover. 

In general, you want to look out for award-winning excess providers like Goodbye Excess, who offer a wide range of policies and annual cover options ranging from £250 – £2000 for every budget. From general excess cover to hire options and even multi-car excess, they’ll be able to cover all your excess needs within one easy policy. That’s fantastic news for ease of claiming if the worst does happen, and it could smooth the kinks in an otherwise stressful process.

excess protection insurance

No matter where you choose to get it from, though, excess insurance is guaranteed to make your life easier. So, don’t hesitate to seek policies and protect yourself today.

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