Road accidents can strike anytime and anywhere to anyone. If your company has a whole fleet of vehicles used for regular transport and day-to-day operation, the chances of an accident are multiplied. 

When your business fleet gets involved in a road disaster, whether it’s a sudden collision with another vehicle or an unexpected crash, fret not as there are ways to manage these inevitable circumstances. One such solution is to rely on an accident management service to help you deal with the aftermath.

In this article, we’ll cover the key factors you may need to consider for your fleet accident management and claim handling solutions.

Key factors to consider for fleet accident management

It can be a lengthy and complicated process when your business fleet gets involved in a road accident. The chances are that you’ll be dealing with reporting and investigating the incident, getting your drivers medically treated, repairing vehicles, and filing insurance claims. This is where an accident management company in the UK comes into the picture. When looking for the right partner, consider the following:

  • Accident handling: Verify how they handle any type of accident. As much as possible, you will want a service with a 24/7 support, quick incident report, robust case handling, and fast case processing.
  • Towing services: Check to see if they provide towing as part of the management services. You want to ensure that the damaged vehicle gets to move from the incident area to a repair station as soon as possible. Keep in mind that vehicle storage is a crucial factor to consider as well.
  • Vehicle repair and temporary replacement: Ask what type of vehicle repairs they provide—if they do the fix themselves or work with another service provider. While you’re at it, check to see if they do offer a vehicle replacement for the meantime.

Key factors to consider for claim handling solutions

Dealing with an insurance company can be quite a complex process—from checking insurance policies to communicating with the carrier down to filing claims. It’s best to work with a service provider that can assist you every step of the way. Here’s what you need to consider:

  • Urgent case handling and reporting: It’s best to work with a service provider that’s efficient in getting incident reports, obtaining pieces of evidence, submitting claims to the insurance company, and following up on the case progress. Your goal is to get your vehicles and drivers ultimately covered as best as possible.
  • Quick and data-driven decision-making: It’s best to hire a provider with a robust system or tool used for filing a claim and tracking status in real-time. Its claim decisions must be based on actual data that will ensure successful filing and coverage.
  • Fast claim filing actions: Work with a management company that acts promptly in submitting claims and getting your business or employees quickly covered.


At this point, you now know what to consider for your fleet accident management. When looking for a service provider, be sure to factor in the accident handling, towing services, and vehicle repair and temporary replacement. As far as claim management is concerned, consider the urgent case handling and reporting, quick and data-driven decision-making, and fast claim filing actions. With all these in place, you’ll be able to deal with the aftermath of your accident smoothly and seamlessly with a reputable provider by your side!

Has your business fleet been involved in a traffic collision? We’ve got you covered with our fleet accident management services. We provide accident assistance and even represent non-fault parties involved in road collisions as an accident management company in the UK. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!