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What is accident management?
Accident Management is the centralized handling of a motorist’s claim following a road traffic collision. It is a cost-effective intermediary service that assists drivers in getting back on the road quickly and relieves the stresses of going through the claims process alone. Whilst it is significantly more cost-effective for the innocent motorist, the service does cost slightly more as a result – a cost borne by the insurer of the ‘at-fault’ driver.

The term “accident management” encompasses a whole host of services; which may include 24-hour vehicle recovery, damage assessment, replacement car provision, arrangement of vehicle repairs, liaising with insurers, uninsured loss recovery, personal injury assistance and help with paperwork.

It is a particularly useful service for vehicle fleet operators, who need to keep downtime to a minimum. An outsourced accident management service can save managers time and administration costs.

Accident Management in the UK
The accident management industry came about in the 1980s to address the problem of innocent motorists having to pay upfront for a replacement car after a collision, and wait weeks or even months to be reimbursed by the at-fault party’s insurer.

The service quickly proved popular with non-fault drivers, who were not getting this service from their insurer.

In the years that followed there were legal challenges by insurers on issues including costs, validity of claims and adherence to existing law. Now the rates insurers are willing to pay are set out in the General Terms of Agreement issued by the Association of British Insurers.

Accident management companies obtain their work from a range of sources, including motorists, breakdown companies, Bodyshops, insurance brokers, fleet managers and dealerships.

The reputation of the accident management industry has been damaged in recent years by the competitive ambulance chasing tactics adopted by some firms to capture motorists’ personal injury claims.

Many accident management companies deal only with non-fault motorists but recently the industry has started to see the emergence of fresh customer-friendly firms which assist all drivers, regardless of fault, and help independent bodyshops to access more direct repair work. Today there are over 34 million vehicles on Britain’s roads and over 43 million licensed drivers.

Please Note: The content in this section and the above was taken from “wikipedia” the Worlds Factually Recognised Website for Non-Biased Information. They cover all the features involved in a Non-Fault Accident Management Package so please take the time to view as Free Factual Knowledge can be very beneficial. Read the full article here

I am insured so why should I use an accident management company?
This is the most common question and one I would have asked myself. Consumers assume that because they have paid for an insurance policy every eventuality will be taken care of and in their best interests. This is not the case.

When an accident is our fault we know we are going to pay the excess, we know our no claims bonus is history and we are ok about this because it’s better than the financial alternative especially if the accident is a bad one.

The issue here is do we want to lose our no claims bonus and pay our excess if the accident is not our fault? The answer to that is NO. The problem however is that we do end up losing our No Claims and paying our Excess along with a lot of other things that should not happen.

We are fobbed off from the moment we make the call something that will not happen if you enlist the services of a reputable Accident Management Company.

Why have I not heard of accident management before?
I’m sure you have heard the phrase “ignorance is bliss” well that’s a phrase that could be applied here. Accident Management is not something you would know about unless you went looking for it. If you did go looking for it then you would by default come across all the horror stories written by folk who have previously suffered at the hand of their insurance companies.

Consumers that have been treated unfairly in the past actively go looking for a good Accident Management Company, as they do not want a repeat of the experience they last had with their insurance company.

The TV and Radio is full of adverts offering you an advance on your so-called claim. These are Solicitors not Accident Management Companies it’s important that you don’t confuse the two.

Why should I choose RTR?

There are a lot of Accident Management Companies but not half as many as there were a year ago. Now that earnings have been capped only a handful of companies continue to trade.

RTR UK is one of those companies and the only one that has won a multitude of awards for the service they provide. Our industry is all about service but more importantly the quality of service.

Most AM companies sit behind a website waiting for your call. You have had your accident and you are now looking for somebody to deal with the aftermath. You find their website and you call them.

RTR UK is different; we are with you before you have even had your accident. We have a FREE 24/7 Incident Support Helpline, one that you can call from the scene and get the necessary advice. We have Nationwide Recovery Operators ready to rescue you and your vehicle. We have the largest fleet of replacement vehicles so we can get you back on the road sharpish and in a vehicle similar or the same as your own.

The above is just the tip of the iceberg; RTR’S AM service carries on in the same vein right up to its conclusion. We are with you all the way. Very few Accident Management Companies can state the same.

Will you take care of everything and at no cost to me?

Why should you have to pay for anything if the accident was not your fault? Your life should carry on as per normal and at the cost of the at fault party or their insurance company.

The law has changed recently as all of the ambulance chasers had to be gotten rid of. The way things work now are as follows.

Personal Injury:

We have an in-house legal team that will take care of all the legalities in ref to your claim. You keep 100% of your compensation.

Legal Expenses Insurance:

We advise each of our clients to take out a 3rd party insurance policy, one that covers them for any expenses should they lose their case. You only pay for this policy should you win. If you lose your case then this policy covers all costs. We sort all of this out for you.

You will only lose your case if you are found to be fraudulent or if you keep refusing settlement offers that the court would deem fair.

This is a 1 in a 1000 scenario but we have to make you aware of it.

If I am injured can I keep 100% of my compensation?

As stated above the short answer to that is no. It will be the same scenario who ever you choose to handle your case.

The days where you kept 100% of your compensation are now over. The law has now changed and with the view to reducing the amount of claims there are out there. The insurance companies, as you know blame the price of their premiums on the claims industry so the government stepped in and capped everything. This is fine but it does mean that a small % of your settlement will have to go towards the cost of making the claim.

Can you supply a like-for-like vehicle even if my car is a ferrari?

Yes we can.

Once it has been established that you are not at fault and that the other driver has admitted guilt then we can get you back in a vehicle very similar if not identical to your own.

It could be a Ferrari, a bus, a Skip Lorry, or whatever.

We can get you what you need

If the accident was my fault can you still help me?

If the Accident was 100% your fault then ring your insurance company and let them know. This is why you took out insurance in the 1st place. They took your money they now have to deal with it.

Never admit liability at the scene and always talk to someone like us prior to admitting guilt. You may not be in the wrong so find out by people who know first.

We can help in that respect but not if you’re found to be at fault.

You offer PAYG Roadside Assistance, How does that work?

All motorists should have RTR’S PAYG Breakdown Membership even if you have breakdown cover with another company.

It only costs £3 per annum (Admin Fee) and will cover you for RTA Recoveries something that 99% of other companies don’t cover (read your small print)

You get 24/7 incident support via our hotline so if you are in a scrape you can call us from the scene and we will give you the necessary advice on what to do.

It has a FREE Smart Phone app and we will rescue you from anywhere in the UK for £60 Inc. VAT.

This gets you 30 mins roadside assistance and 10 miles of recovery. Enough to get you home or to the nearest garage.

Any Car, Any Age, Any Fault

I am a recovery operator can I join your scheme?

Yes you can join the RTR UK Recovery Scheme and we welcome each and every Recovery outfit regardless of size. As soon as you become an RTR affiliate a whole new window of opportunity will open before you.


More callouts, More repairs, More storage and guaranteed rates, rates that are paid within 14 days of invoice. You can download a full rates specification from our Recovery Scheme page. There is a lot more on offer so we advise all of the UK’S VRO to go take a look.
I am a recovery operator can I be listed on your online directory?

Yes any and all Recovery Operators are welcome to register their business on our database. Even if you are not a partner with RTR you are free to join.

This Database is for Yours and the Publics benefit, you can advertise and the public can if they wish contact you direct.

We do have to pay a web developer to keep the database updated and to add the listings so a £5 annual charge is applicable.

You can pay more if you want a bigger advert with more exposure. Perfect for the national operator.

Do you use specialist claims management law firms?

Yes we do but only when it comes to Personal Injury

Injuries can vary from Whiplash to something more serious so it’s important that we enlist the very best to work alongside us and our clients.

Because RTR UK has one of the best Accident Management reputations we can pretty much cherry pick the firms we wish to work alongside us.

In simple terms what this means is that you have the very best behind and supporting you

Will I get a fair valuation for my vehicle?

Yes you will get a fair valuation for your vehicle. We use an independent body of Engineer Inspectors none of which work for Insurance Companies with a brief to save them money.

Even if your vehicle is modernised then these modifications will be accounted for and added to the cars worth. If you have a car that is more than 10 years old and with a book price of £150 then that is all the insurance companies will value it at. They ignore the £4000 worth of customisation. With us it is different; everything will be noted and accounted for.

Will I be talking to a real person and are your call centres UK based?

Nothing is farmed out overseas and that includes our Call Centres.

As long as you can converse with Yorkshire based people then you should not experience any “Lost in Translation” issues.

We are a refreshing company to deal with.

You will see!

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