You can never predict a road traffic accident, and it is near-impossible to prepare for what comes after. Unfortunately, some people are unable to drive their vehicle away from the site of an accident due to damages, leaving them without a means of transport. This is not only an inconvenience, but can actively harm a person’s career if they depend on travel for work. For example, a freelance tradesman who drives from job to job is stuck without their car or van. However, there are options available, including like-for-like replacement car services.

If you have been in a traffic accident and it wasn’t your fault, Road to Recovery can provide a whole fleet of standard replacement vehicles. RTR is an accident management company dedicated to easing the burden when an accident is not your fault. Their vast range of automobiles are all under 6-months old, and the likelihood is that they will be able to provide with a vehicle very similar to your original, if not the exact same make and model. RTR boasts eight different vehicle fleets to cover a whole range of accident replacements.

These fleets include taxis and people carriers, motorcycles, prestige marques, 4-wheel drive vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles, light commercial vehicles, dual control vehicles, and standard vehicles. The standard vehicle fleet boasts a plethora of different cars from a staggering 40 different household name brands. These include anything from Ford, Honda, Nissan, and BMW to Ferrari, Porsche, Alfa Romeo, and Rolls Royce.

If you are involved in a non-fault road traffic accident, you no longer have to be fobbed off with a substandard, old, and grubby vehicle replacement. Road to Recovery is here to provide top of the line vehicles at the click of a button.

Not only can they organise the like-for-like car replacements for non-fault accidents, but they also offer a free vehicle recovery service, independent vehicle damage assessments, ensure you will have no unwanted excess to pay, and we are able to do all of this without going through your car insurer.

Most insurers can take three to four weeks to establish where the blame lies, before supplying a hire vehicle weeks after you actually needed it. These insurers will also often set you up with something like a Ford Ka or Nissan Micra, regardless of your specific needs. At Road to Recovery, they establish where the blame lies within just 24 hours, and if you are not at fault, they can provide you with a replacement vehicle that is specific to your personal day-to-day needs. Road to Recovery also boast a 24/7 support line, so you’re covered no matter the time or day.

Accident management companies offer a far better and faster alternative to the slow, and often unhelpful, process within car insurance, but only if you get the right one. Road to Recovery is an award-winning UK accident management specialist, and should be your first call when involved in an accident that was not your fault.

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