Road safety is always an important conversation to make as the possibility of the negative outcomes are often disregarded. When it comes to issues talking about accidents and making sure that they’re protected, people see it more of a chore rather than an actual concern because they believe that the chances that they will happen are minute. Except, when accidents do happen, the panic sets in, and the people involved get so overwhelmed, they forget their options.

Being involved in accidents is especially hard for victims for two reasons: 

  1. You’re not at fault for the entire ruckus 
  2. There’s uncertainty whether you’ll receive the protection from your insurer due to different policy restrictions (which you might have overlooked)

That is where accident management companies come in. They can help in covering the costs for damage repairs that you weren’t even responsible for in the first place. This claim is called a Non-Fault claim, which can mitigate the losses for victims who were not at fault for the accident.

What are your rights when you’re an innocent party?

There is a law that protects your rights called English tort law. This tort is civil wrongdoing, causing a claimant physical or financial harm. It ensures that the person who is at fault for the accident has a legal liability to pay for the damage they caused.

What do you do when you’re involved in a non-fault accident?

Non-fault accidents can be frustrating because you’re suffering much trouble from a mishap that isn’t your responsibility. However, it’s important to try and keep a calm mind and judgment to proceed with the process as seamlessly as possible.

After clearing your mind for a moment, you can then claim compensation for damages and injuries. For that, you need to have substantial proof that you’re not responsible for the accident.

You might be asking, “But how can I prove that enough for the accident management company to believe?”

First, make a note of all vehicles who are involved in the accident. Doing this means you have to get all the important information, such as the driver details, plate number, and driving license number. Take pictures of the vehicles involved, if possible. It will also be a huge advantage on your part if you caught the accident through your dash-cam. If you were hit from the rear, the dash footage would reveal that you were hit, increasing your chances of approval.

Second, speak to any witnesses and ask them to attest to the fact that you’re innocent. This will make sure that your story is reliable, making it easier for the company to picture the scene.

Lastly, head to the hospital and asked to be examined so that your injuries can be treated and documented officially. These documents and the information on them can be substantial evidence, stating that you’re not at fault for the accident.


Non-fault accident management claims help you get back on track after an accident that you did not cause. That will also help you worry less about the financial burden that the accident has brought to you and focus more on healing from any injury or trauma that you suffered.

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