In recent years, many car manufacturers and government campaigns focus on educating drivers to promote road safety. Unfortunately, road accidents still happen regularly in spite of their efforts. 

If you’re a victim of a road traffic accident and suffered an injury due to the fault of another driver, you have the right to claim for compensation. This includes your medical expenses, lost income, and any other future costs that directly relate to the accident. 

With that in mind, there is critical information you need to know to help steer you in the right direction when on the road. 

What is the Road Traffic Act and Why is it Important?

The Road Traffic Act focuses on the rights of victims who are injured on the road but have no fault on their part. This is made for innocent drivers who experience accidents due to rash drivers. Additionally, it also considers bad roads, utility posts, road repair work, road debris, animals crossing, and unaware pedestrians crossing the street. 

When an accident occurs due to the mentioned scenarios, the law states that you have the right to claim compensation for all financial losses relating to the crash. This includes your medical bills and even the cost of travelling from and to the hospital. Additionally, you are also entitled to reimburse the costs of your vehicle repairs. This is applicable for all types of injuries and extends to different road users – be it a passenger, cyclists, pedestrian, or driver. 

How to Gather Evidence On the Road Traffic Accident

As soon as you are able to, be sure to gather all documents and receipts that are associated with the accident. This includes the following essential requirements you will need before you can file for a claim:

  • Photographs of the vehicle and of the accident scene
  • Pictures of your injuries immediately after the car crash
  • Memos, prescription orders, and receipts related to your medical care. This includes x-rays and details of your visit to a doctor.
  • Receipts of all miscellaneous costs such as a taxi service, hiring childcare, or even cancelling airline tickets due to the accident. 
  • Letter from your employer verifying your lost work hours to help determine your income loss during your recovery. 

How to Claim Compensation for a Car Accident

Claiming for a car accident can be a daunting process at first, but it can be a smooth-sailing process so long as you know the initial stages. The first step is to have a medical examination in your local area to assess the severity of your injuries. This is also to estimate your recovery time to determine the expenses you’ll need during this timeframe. 

The next step is the evidence gathering process, wherein you will submit the full account of the accident. This involves a report on when, where, and why it happened. Additionally, you need to supplement your evidence with the elements mentioned above, such as photographs, documents, and receipts. 

How Much Compensation Can You Claim For a Car Accident?

Car accident and the injuries you get from it will vary from person to person, which is there is no set amount for the compensation. For that reason, it’s best to speak to a professional or your claims provider to help you determine how much you will need for the payment. This will involve a thorough assessment of the accident and injury. 

To that end, it’s in your best interest to seek the help of your professional claims provider to have a more accurate and detailed evaluation of your car accident. 

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