So, you’ve just had an accident and want to make a personal injury claim. While you might be tempted to head to a lawyer, tell your story, and have your claim carried out, there are so many things that can go wrong. Many of these claims fall short of their goal just because the individuals forget to do a thing or two.

Here are the mistakes you should avoid when you make a personal injury claim: 

1. Forgetting to Store Evidence

The first thing anyone should do after getting into an accident is to store as much evidence as possible. Whether that’s by taking pictures, recording a video or two, writing down what happened, and so on, you’ll need all of these to account for what happened.  

If there are witnesses around, ask them about what happened. Ask all of them, as you’ll give yourself a better chance of landing at least one that’ll be happy to act as your witness a few months down the road.

In other words, treat your accident like a crime scene. Gather the evidence and find every witness to prove that your injury is because of someone else’s negligence. Even if you aren’t planning to make a claim, gather them anyway just in case you change your mind. 

2. Assuming the Lawyer Remembers Your Case

While you might hope that your lawyer remembers every detail about your case as if they were there, this is usually isn’t the case. Remember, your lawyer might be working with hundreds of other clients, depending on the difficulty of the complexity of the claims.  

To ensure that your lawyer is always up-to-date and knowledgeable about your situation, engage with him or her frequently. Don’t be afraid to give reminders as well to help the lawyer. Of course, you can always avoid working with lawyers with too much on their hands and work with ones who can dedicate time to you easily. 

3. Assuming Claims Are Easy to Make

We all wish that making a claim is easy. That would be great, as that would be less burden for you, as well as for the lawyer. Unfortunately, the reality is that making a claim is complex.  

That said, think about your claim carefully. You never know if you’ll need to present evidence for the claim, or even end up in court to prove your story. You’ll also never know how the opposite party will approach your claim, either. With that said, talk with your lawyer carefully about whether making your claim is worth the effort. 

4. Making a Claim Without Medical Evidence

You’re making a personal injury claim, and you need to prove that you’re physically injured. How do you do that? With medical evidence, of course. 

Unless you’ve recovered in just a few days, you need medical evidence. Your lawyer won’t be able to value your claim without one. While they might still agree to help you with your claim, they might do so with a little doubt in their minds.

Bottom Line 

While making a claim isn’t as easy as you thought, by following the tips we’ve given, you can make it as simple as possible. Remember, gather all the evidence at the accident, and be well-prepared when you make a claim. Don’t be afraid to ask any question that pops up in your mind, either. That way, you give your lawyer (and yourself) the best chance at successfully making your personal injury claim. 

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