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RTR UK’S Pay-As-You-Go Breakdown Cover won awards at the 2011 RBS Business of the Year Awards. It’s fact that this form of Breakdown Cover is by far the best value over your lifetime as a driver. Ask anybody over the age of 40 how many times they have called a breakdown cover company out and for the most part their answer will be 2 or 3.

Breakdown Cover companies (insurance companies) get wealthy on the subscriptions we pay for a service that the stats say we will hardly ever use. None of us seem to make logical decisions when we purchase products, our decisions are always complacent ones hence us making the Banks and the Insurance companies rich. Do we really want to do that?

By enrolling as an RTR PAYG Member you will be entitled to RTR’S Fair Price Agreement with the UK’S National Network of Recovery Operators. All Clubs have one. What this means is that if you breakdown and you call on our services then you will be charged no more than £50+vat for 30 minutes roadside assistance and 10 miles of recovery. The operators return journey to base has to be calculated in on that 10 miles and the same applies when purchasing extra recovery miles. The Recovery Operator has to get home and at £1.50 per mile once our free 10 miles has been exhausted.

There is no downside to this form of cover other than the fact that the above expenses will need to be taken care of on the day either by credit card or debit card. The downside ends there. The rest are all positives and there are no end of them.

Membership costs £3 per annum per vehicle where as our competitors charge double that. You can register as many as 3 vehicles using the payment form below. You will receive a confirmation by email and a welcome pack in the post

Details Of Cover

If you need anymore information with regards to RTR’S Pay-As-You-Go Breakdown Cover Membership then please don’t hesitate to call us on 0870 474 0148. If you would like to purchase membership then please click on the Order Now Button below. Payments are secure and processed by Paypal.


VRO Recovery Scheme

PAYG Breakdown Cover – The Cheapest Form Of Roadside Assistance Available

PAYG Breakdown Cover – The Cheapest Form Of Roadside Assistance Available. Motorists that subscribe TO RTR UK’S PAYG Breakdown Cover receive 30 minutes Roadside Assistance and 10 Miles of Recovery all for just £60 including Vat.

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