Getting into a road traffic accident is a messy and costly affair, which is why paying for an accident management service to support you can be a big help. When you get into an accident, one of the first things to do—apart from ensuring your safety—is to contact your insurance provider. What do you do, however, if the accident was caused by an uninsured driver?

An accident caused by an uninsured driver can be quite stressful, especially if you don’t know the proper protocol. Thankfully, there is an organization in the UK that, if contacted, can compensate the victims of uninsured drivers.

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau

The Motor Insurer’s Bureau (the MIB) is a private organization established in 1964 with the goal of reducing the level and impact of uninsured driving in the UK. They provide compensation for victims of accidents caused by either uninsured or untraceable drivers.

The funding of the MIB is rooted in the Road Traffic Act 1988, which stipulates that all UK insurers dealing with compulsory motor insurance to contribute to the organization. With a driver’s subscription and payment of insurance premiums, the organization is capable of extending that help for those whose claims involve uninsured drivers.

What Do They Do?

The MIB provides assistance in regards to accidents in relation to these three major aspects: those caused by uninsured drivers, those which the driver can’t be traced (commonly referred to as hit-and-run accidents), and those involving a foreign-registered vehicle or accidents elsewhere in Europe. Claims may still be made if you were uninsured when an insured driver causes the accident.

Just like with any regular insurance claim or accident management service, an investigation has to be made in order to determine the validity of your claim. You must first register with the MIB for them to properly assist you, so ensure that you or your representative handles that necessary step. 

Once registered, you may file a claim upon which they will investigate. While their organization is largely helpful, should they determine that you were in any way at fault, then your claim could be rejected or reduced. 

Several other factors may affect the validity of your claim, among which are:

  • if you were the passenger of a vehicle which you knew—or should have known, for that matter—wasn’t insured,
  • if you were the passenger of a vehicle driven by a driver under the influence of alcohol,
  • if the venue of the accident did not occur in a public road with full accessibility to the public and their vehicles.

Accident claims against an uninsured driver

If you get into a road accident caused by an uninsured driver, then you should make a claim as soon as possible. Accidents involving property damage must be reported to the police within five days, while those involving personal injury must be filed within 14 days from the day of the accident. Your claim to the MIB, on the other hand, must be made within three years from the date of the accident.

Accident claims against an untraceable driver

If you were involved in a hit-and-run accident, things may be a little bit more complicated. Although police tend to downplay accidents that only incurred minor to no injury, you should still report it as soon as possible. If making a claim for damage to personal property, then it should be done within nine months from the date of the accident.

Take note, however, that claims against untraceable drivers might incur an excess of £300, dependent on the gravity of the damage or injury.


If you get into an accident with an uninsured or untraceable driver, then seek the assistance of the MIB immediately. You’ll be in an even better place if you seek the help of a properly licensed accident management service to get you the best after-accident assistance you’ll need to continue your daily life. While the MIB can help you with your claim, we also offer vehicle recovery, 24/7 incident support, uninsured loss recovery, vehicle storage, damage assessment, and a host of other services to support you through this difficult time. We’re here to act in your best interest.

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