A car accident is an unfortunate incident for anyone. Not only does it put you under a financial strain, but you might get stressed out trying to figure out what your rights are during the aftermath. What can you claim? What rights do you get when you didn’t cause the accident? These are questions that most people have but don’t know the answer to. 

Fortunately for you, we’ll tell you precisely what you need to know. Here are your rights for a car accident that isn’t your fault:

The Tort Law

All your rights will be written under the Tort Law. If you don’t know what a tort is, it is a type of wrong that has caused personal harm to another individual either physically or financially. The liability, then, falls on the person that caused that harm towards the victim. In the real world, the liability is covered by the insurer.

Claiming Financial Losses

Whatever claim you will make, it’ll all revolve around money. After all, your car, your injury, and pretty much every other aspect has some monetary value attached to it. The final goal of claiming financial losses (also known as a monetary loss) is to put you back into your original financial status pre-accident.

That said, some of the claims you can make can include money to pay for repairs, loss of money from not being able to work, medical costs, travel costs, and the like.

Claiming Vehicle Damages

When your vehicle gets damaged and is sent for repairs, you’ll more than likely have no car to use again. However, you are entitled to claim a free car while waiting for yours to get repaired. Do note, though, that your insurance doesn’t usually cover this. 

However, some insurance companies do offer you a car depending on the insurance policy you have opted for. That said, there will still be a requirement that you will need to satisfy to receive a free car,, also known as a courtesy car. For example, your vehicle still needs to be in a repairable condition. Otherwise, you won’t be entitled to an alternative vehicle.

Do note that the above is only possible if you weren’t the cause for the accident. If you are at fault, the only car you can receive is a credit hire vehicle. Another way you can get a vehicle is to claim for a replacement vehicle through a claims management company. The car will usually be paid by the insurer, meaning that you can get on the road right away.

Under tort law, though, you will be given a car that’s like the one you were driving before.


The above claims we’ve mentioned are based on the notion that you aren’t the party at fault or the driver that caused the accident. To summarize everything, you can claim financial losses and vehicle damages depending on what your insurance policy dictates. You can also receive a new car to use, given that your old car is still repairable for the time being, depending on the available options you have. If you’re still having trouble figuring out what you can do, you can always have the process of claiming handled by an accident management company!

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