When it comes to driving in the United Kingdom (or anywhere around the world in particular), the chances of being involved in a road traffic accident are close to inevitable. 

For the U.K., however, road traffic accidents have become so commonplace to the point where reports state that every Londoner is bound to experience at least four incidents over a lifetime. Alternatively known as “road traffic collisions,” Road traffic accidents account for a significant percentage of all accidents in the country. The road traffic accident problem has grown so much that every vehicle owner is required by law to get insurance coverage. 

Generally, drivers can choose from three different types of insurance policies: 

  1. Fully comprehensive (fully comp) insurance policies
  2. Third-party fire and theft insurance policies
  3. Third-party only insurance policies

Every type of insurance policy serves as a form of protection for anybody that may be involved in a collision or other type of accident. If you have suffered personal injury due to the negligence of another party, however, you may place a traffic accident claim through your insurance policy. It is worth noting that traffic accident claims for insurance policies can still be claimed even if the negligent party has no insurance or adequate insurance.

To better understand your right to make a traffic accident claim as a driver, passenger, or pedestrian, let’s go over each common situation:

1. If you’re the driver

Standard protocol dictates that a driver is eligible for a road traffic accident claim over loss and injuries if another negligent party was responsible for the accident. Typically, the negligent party is another driver, but certain circumstances can also qualify as long as they have been established as the cause of the accident. 

Circumstances that can be attributed to as the principal cause of an accident, for instance, are icy roads, faulty road paving jobs, and falling poles. The parties responsible for preventing the aforementioned situations may be held liable. You can have a claim submitted against them should you seek restitution. 

2. If you’re a passenger

In the case of a passenger, it is safe to assume that every instance that has led to their involvement in a road traffic accident can be successfully claimed over for injuries. The reason for the guaranteed success lies in the fact that they are considered blameless casualties that have suffered due to the negligence of another party. The amount that can be claimed, however, can be affected if you were not conforming with the law (e.g., not wearing a seatbelt) during the accident. 

3. If you’re a pedestrian

Should you be able to prove that your injuries were caused by a third party during an accident, then you may successfully seek compensation through a personal injury claim. Similarly to passengers who were proven to not conform with the law at the time of an accident, pedestrians who are to blame up to some extent will have a diminished claimable amount. 

In conclusion, being involved in a road traffic accident is inevitably an undesirable experience, especially when damages, loss, and injuries are incurred. Fortunately, if you have road traffic accident insurance, then it is definitely possible to soften the blow brought about by expenses by making a claim right after the accident occurs. Whether you’re a driver, pedestrian, or passenger, you will be eligible to make a claim to a certain degree if you have an insurance policy. 

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