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Why Not To Go Through An Insurance Company?

None of us anticipate being involved in an accident but if we were we would almost certainly involve our insurance company with the view to having them deal with the aftermath.

Is this the right course of action?

If the accident is our fault then leaving everything to our insurance company is the correct move, after all, isn’t that why we pay our premiums?

If the accident is not our fault should we still involve our insurance company? Will an insurance company act on our behalf and in our best interests? Will we get everything we are entitled to and be completely happy with the outcome?

In our experience the answer to that is NO.

Below is a light hearted take on what the likely scenario will be should you ever be involved in a Non-Fault Accident and choose to have your insurance company deal with it.

Going through your Insurance Company

1. Your Non Fault Case

Even though your case is significant to you it won’t be to them. The money you pay to them each year is for when you’re at fault in an accident and not for when you’re not. Every minute they spend on the phone discussing this with you eats into their yearly Premium. No insurance company wants that. Before the Law changed Insurance Companies didn’t mind so much as there was a nice little referral fee in it for them. This is not the case anymore so you’d be wrong to expect anything more than the bare minimum when it comes to service.

2. Your Insurance Excess

Then there’s your excess. Most people have agreed to a high one just to bring their yearly premium down. That decision can come back to haunt you. Insurance Companies will ask you to pay your excess. Yes you can look to claim that back from the at fault party in 5-6 months time but that experience will be no different than the one where you try to get the builder back to fix that leaky roof. At the very least we are talking Paperwork, Hassle, and large quantities of Paracetamol. REMEMBER! You’re only allowed to buy two packs at a time so take someone to the Pharmacy with you!

3. Law Firms? Lottery Tickets?

Insurance companies are not Law Firms they are as their title suggests companies that sell insurance. Your case will be handed over to a Solicitor as soon as they have taken down your details. You won’t know who these Solicitors are or have any say in the process. You won’t be getting that £500 advance that your car radio consistently talks about as that will go to “guess who” for taking your call. Within a week you won’t know who is who and what is what. Your list of phone numbers will resemble a syndicates lottery ticket which to be fair wouldn’t be to bad if it were a winning one.

4. Free Advice Anyone?

Insurance companies are not in the business of Free Advice they are Risk Management. Any advice offered will most likely be beneficial to them but not necessarily to you. Before the law changed on referral fees your non-fault claim could “in some instances” be looked on favourably “Not NOW”. Insurance companies have now begun to point Non-Fault parties towards Accident Management Companies, something that a couple of years ago would have been a complete No No.

5. Fancy A Cruise?

Don’t pull up a chair when trying to get through to your insurance company as you’ll be there for hours. You’ve got to think outside of the box. If your calling their “Claims Hotline” then they will be very slow in responding. You’re in for the long haul, a game of attrition. If you have requested a “Call Back” and you need to kill time then book a Cruise or at the very least have a good hammock handy. Some people go the Sleeping Pill route but we can’t advocate that!

6. Hold Or Fold? That is The Question

You can of course hold or just keep trying to get through. Repetitive Automated Messages might just be your thing, especially ones that tell you that 10 million other people are trying to get through at exactly the same time. Radio 4 listeners should definitely hold as they’re guaranteed a Perry Como classic every 30 minutes or so. Hold or Fold? A question we’ve all had to ask ourselves at some point in time. Why do we put up with it?

7. Primark Clearance Rack

If you have suffered a personal injury then you’ll be put in the hands of some obscure Solicitor. If you query this then they will tell you that it’s the same firm that got OJ Simpson off. It’s highly likely that this firm will try and settle your claim for the lowest amount possible just to get the case closed. This will be a pre-medical offer. These offers are normally a fraction of what the claim could really be worth. Don’t take it for granted that these guys are looking to take care of you OJ style because they won’t be. Making a mistake in this department could keep you in the Primark Clearance rack forever.

8. Unshaven Giants

Having the right team behind you is of paramount importance. You can’t presume that your incident will involve yourself and someone with an honest impeccable character. The chances of the other person being a life long member of the Women’s Institute or a Pillar of society are miniscule. In reality they’re always disgruntled unshaven giants who within seconds of vacating their vehicle will have put the blame on you, bullied you into leaving the Police out of it, eyeballed any and all possible witnesses and moved their vehicle so a true picture of what really took place has gone. You need more than an Insurance Company to sort that mess out.

9. History Tells Of A No Claims Bonus

Your no claims bonus is history (unless protected) you forfeit this just by calling your insurance company and having them act on your behalf. Whether you’re at fault or not is neither here nor there. Someone has to pay and it’s certainly not coming out of that yearly premium they took off you. You can argue this until you are blue in the face. To get you off their case they will tell you to take it up with the At-Fault parties insurance company. All in all it’s a Merry Go Round they send you on, a Wild Goose Chase. They know from experience that you will give it up in a month or two. It’s just a waiting game to them and one they are very good at playing.

10. Replacement Vehicles

Well we’ve all seen these haven’t we. Ford KA’S and Nissan Micra’s. You might see a Vauxhall Corsa on a clear day but don’t bank on it. The sad thing here though is us, we are happy to have been given anything at all. Why are we like this?

If our car is a Ferrari then we are entitled to a like for like replacement Ferrari. The same goes for Taxis, Skip Lorries, 4×4 vehicles and so on. None of this was our fault so we shouldn’t be getting fobbed off with unsuitable replacement vehicles.

Insurance companies will fob you off where as an Accident Management Company won’t.

11. Vehicle Repairs

Once your Insurance Company has got hold things then it’s pretty much their way or the highway. They won’t ask you where you’d like your vehicle to be repaired or even tell you where it’s being repaired unless you ask.

The damage assessor will be on their payroll with a set in stone brief to keep costs at a minimum. If your vehicle is a right off then expect bottom dollar as you won’t be offered top. Don’t assume that all repair garages are GREAT because they are not.

By law you can decide as to which garage carry’s out the repairs and you can also insist on an independent vehicle assessment.


We do have to notify our insurance companies should we be involved in an accident just encase we are at fault. When doing so be clear that this is just a courtesy call and that you yourselves are dealing with it. If your’e not clear and you set the wheels in motion to have them deal with it then the above scenario could very well be happening to you!


We don’t expect you take our word for any of the above and to be fair we don’t have to as there are numerous testimonials online should you decide to look. To give you a start here are a quick 3 to be going on with. Testimonial 1   Testimonial 2   Testimonial 3

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Why We Should Never Use Our Insurance Companies For A Non-Fault RTA Accident

If you have ever wondered why you should not use your insurance company for a non-fault accident situation then find out here as we have all the information for you. It’s a light hearted take but an accurate one at that.

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