Why Choose Accident Management from Road to Recovery?

At Road to Recovery, our whole service is built around supporting UK motorists. Of course, we’re best-known for our leading accident management services, but we also offer nationwide breakdown assistance and motor excess cover. When you bring together those 3 services you have the perfect package of support for UK drivers!

Accident Management vs Insurance Company

The first question you face following a non-fault accident is whether to go through an accident management company or your insurer. We’ve looked at this issue in detail, and, as we’ve seen on that page, motor insurers only offer a barebones level of service to customers who’ve suffered a non-fault accident, and will rarely deliver the justice you deserve.

Accident management companies offer a better alternative – but only if you choose the right one!

Here at Road to Recovery, we’re an award-winning UK accident management company, with a commitment to delivering best-in-sector support. We don’t say that lightly, and we back that claim up with a level of service that speaks for itself.


We are Accident Management Specialists

There many companies out there competing for your attention after an accident. We watch them on the TV, hear them on the radio and see their ads online every day. Perhaps we even receive their streams of annoying text messages.

These companies are the ‘ambulance chasers’ we hear so much about in the news – and the fact is, most of them deal with every kind of accident there is – ranging from slips and trips to workplace accidents, even medical negligence. If they handle road traffic accidents at all, then it will only be a tiny part of their business.

Here at Road to Recovery, our approach could not be more different. We are specialists in managing the after-effects of road traffic accidents – including car accidents, bike accidents, and accidents involving commercial vehicles like vans, lorries, taxi cabs and driving instructors’ cars. Road traffic accident management isn’t just a small part of our business – it’s the backbone of our business, and it’s what our specialist experts do day in, day out.

For immediate Roadside Assistance call our 24/7 Claims Line 0300 303 3833

Support Whenever You Need It

At Road to Recovery we can support you at any stage, either before or after your accident has happened, and whether you’ve pre-registered with us or not. We can even help if you’ve already brought your insurer or another accident management company in to handle the process.

That said, we’d like to think that you’re reading this before an accident has even happened, we’d like to think that you’re preparing for the worst and will register your vehicle with us as soon as you’ve finished reading this page – if you do so, then you’ll have the peace-of-mind of knowing there are experts in your corner right from the outset.

After an accident has happened there are a hundred-and-one things to think of, and you’re likely to be stressed, upset and even injured. By pre-registering you’ll remove the added hassle of choosing between accident management companies, and can instead just call our 24/7 incident support line to set the wheels in motion right away.

We can’t stress strongly enough the amount of confusion and worry you could save by pre-registering with us, so contact our team today to register your vehicle!


Had an Accident? Not Pre-Registered? We can Still Help!

We understand that most people never expect for the worst to happen, and we know that you may have arrived here looking for support after your accident. In fact, it may be that your insurer or a different accident management company have already become involved, but that you’re unhappy with their service. If this is the case then our accident management specialists will be equally happy to support and advise you, and we will guide you through the process of switching to us.

Contact our team to make it happen.

24/7 Incident Support
We provide our registered members with a 24/7 support line – a hotline through to our UK based call centre, so that we can support you day or night in the aftermath of an accident.

Not a registered member? If you’re looking for the best UK accident management company after an accident has happened then you can still contact our team for the support you need.

When you call us, our trained professionals will offer you free advice on all your options – whatever your circumstances. There’s no time limit to call us within, and we’ll recommend the best course of action if you’re the at-fault party, or take on management of your accident if you’re the innocent non-fault party.

RTA Vehicle Recovery
If you’re calling immediately after a road-traffic accident, and your vehicle isn’t safe to drive, then our first priority will be to get it safely off the road. With a nationwide network of recovery operators, we’ll see to it that you and your passengers are taken to a convenient place, and we’ll move your vehicle to the safety of our recovery yard.
Contact with Your Insurer
You can count on us to handle contact with your insurer. We’ll make a courtesy call to inform them of the accident, and to let them know that we’re handling the proceedings, and we’ll also make contact with the at-fault party and their insurer.

In more serious instances where you have been taken to hospital, then the police will have dealt with everything. They will have a detailed and photographic account of what they think took place, and a list of witnesses. Should the accident be no fault of your own then we will act on your behalf and liaise with all the relevant bodies and begin the accident management process.

Whatever the situation, you can be confident that we have systems in place to deal with each and every eventuality.

Like-For-Like Replacement Vehicles
We go far beyond the standards offered by most insurers – who can sometimes take 3-4 weeks to establish where the blame lies, before supplying a vehicle such as a Ford Ka or Nissan Micra, regardless of your actual needs!

At Road to Recovery, we can typically establish blame within just 24 hours – and if you’re the non-fault party, we’ll supply you with the like-for-like replacement vehicle to which you’re legally entitled. With one of the largest UK fleets to choose from, we can supply 4×4’s, taxis, dual-control vehicles, vans, lorries, prestige cars – and, of course, all standard cars too.

Independent Vehicle Damage Assessments
An independent assessment is vital to ensure an accurate valuation is provided – either for repairs, or for the cost of a replacement following a write-off. When you choose us, we’ll assign a neutral assessor who has no affiliation with the insurance industry to check over your vehicle and provide a comprehensive quote.

You can have complete faith that their quote will reflect the true cost of the work needed to return your car, bike or commercial vehicle back to its pre-accident condition – or the true market value if it’s written off.

Accident Repair Centres
Unfortunately, not all accident repair centres are created equal, and the insurers are constantly seeking new ways to cut their costs by outsourcing work at ‘value’ prices. This can lead to a situation where your vehicle repair is only carried out to an ‘acceptable’ standard – as defined by someone who’ll never actually have to drive it!

At Road to Recovery we have a nationwide network of bodyshops available to you, and many of these perform repairs to both private and commercial vehicles. We’ll give you control by allowing you to choose where the repair is performed (as is your legal right), and, if you prefer to have the repair performed at a bodyshop we don’t work with, then that’s equally acceptable to us…

Our number-one priority is handing you back control of the process.

Personal Injury

A lot has been written in recent years about the crack-down on road traffic accident personal injury claims. The fact is, as the non-fault party, you have an absolute legal right to claim for compensation following a personal injury caused by another driver’s error.

85% of those involved in an RTA suffer an injury, and (despite the stories spread in the media) whiplash injuries are both very common and extremely serious – often leading to neck pain, headaches, anxiety and panic attacks.

Whether you’ve suffered whiplash, or any other personal injury, our third-party personal injury solicitors will provide the professional representation you deserve. With a combined total of over two decades of litigation experience, our experts have an unrivalled knowledge of the injury claims sector and will fight to ensure you receive the full-value of your claim – not just a fraction of it.

Uninsured Loss Recovery
It’s impossible to predict all of the ways a road traffic accident may affect your life, and much of the loss and damage you suffer may not be covered by your motor insurance policy. Travel expenses, damaged personal property and clothing, premium-rate phone calls, time off of work – the list of ways you can lose out following a non-fault accident is almost endless.

At Road to Recovery we understand the difficulties innocent parties can face when trying to receive the compensation they’re entitled to. When we represent you, we’ll pursue your claim to the fullest possible extent, and we’ll protect you in the event of a negative outcome by ensuring that you have legal expenses insurance in place.

Road to Recovery – The Choice is Clear

As an award-winning UK accident management company, the service we offer is second to none. The sad fact is that your insurer simply isn’t interested in matching the support we provide, while many other companies in the sector lack our experience, industry contacts and passion for customer support.

Whether you want to register your vehicle before the worst happens, or want to bring onboard the best professional team after the event, contact us to start the process today.

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