No matter what you are purchasing, there is one unwritten rule that you have to follow: inspect what you buy before you pay.

Regardless of whether it’s a house, dog, piece of land, or vintage collectable, it will always be a smart decision to have an independent assessment performed for anything that you’re spending a significant amount of money on. This is especially true when you are buying a used vehicle. 

Aside from buying a house, purchasing a vehicle is one of the greatest financial decisions you’ll make in your entire life because it entails paying a significant amount of money and entails entrusting your life with it. No matter how many wheels it has, what it runs on, or how much it costs, a used vehicle must always be inspected as best as possible beforehand to determine whether or not it is a safe purchase to make. 

The best way to do a pre-purchase inspection of a used car

Generally, the best way to ensure that a vehicle is fit for purchase is to have a professional ASE-certified automotive technician perform an independent vehicle assessment. 

Having a certified technician go over your prospective purchase in greater detail will save you the headache of potentially having to deal with problems later on. It may be tempting to meet up with the owner of the car and drop a significant amount of money on it right away, but getting an ASE-certified automotive technician to look at it will save you time and money. 

What happens when an ASE-certified automotive technician inspects a used car?

Throughout the course of an independent vehicle assessment, the certified automotive technician will go through every nook and cranny in your potential purchase and assess its overall condition. Automotive technicians are most likely going to go over the cosmetics of the car first because they’re trained to inspect, starting from the outside all the way to the inside. 

When performing independent vehicle assessments, ASE-certified automotive technicians look for any mechanical and maintenance issues as a means to find any more indicative signs of underlying safety hazards. Before giving you the green light to purchase the car, the automotive technician will be inclined to bring any areas of concern to your attention before all else to give a more honest insight over the car’s true condition. 

Once all the necessary problems have been brought to your attention, you may be free to negotiate with the owner to meet halfway on any plausible repair costs or walk away from the deal and look for a better listing. 

Enlisting the services of an ASE-certified automotive technician when contemplating the purchase of a used car is one of the best investments that you could possibly make during the entire experience. When qualified professionals perform independent vehicle assessments and look at a used car in greater detail for you, you will be aware of any underlying problems and costs—saving you a significant amount of time, money, and headaches in the process. You can also ensure that you are getting the value you paid!

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