Getting into a car accident is one of the scariest experiences that anyone can ever go through. While the collision can be as frightening as can be, everything that comes after is almost always a whole lot more stressful than the accident itself—especially when it comes to getting your car fixed. 

Once the adrenaline subsides and everything blows over, you’re now left with a damaged vehicle and a need to file for an insurance claim. From sorting out your insurance details to documenting the entire accident itself, stressful experiences will inevitably be abundant after you haul your car way.

One of the important things you have to deal with is deciding which body shop’s services to use for repairs. You have to ensure that the body shop is competent enough for the job. Fortunately, choosing the right body shop to work with doesn’t have to be as stressful as it seems because the chances are that your insurance provider has a list of service providers you can choose from. 

Most people tend to have a certain aversion towards going for insurance company-recommended body shops because they think it’s all a ploy to be charged more money. However, unbeknownst to most people, it can actually save a significant amount of money and provide the best repair job quality possible. 

Let’s look at a few key advantages that you’ll be able to enjoy:

  1. More time and money saved

With an insurance company-recommended body shop, you’ll be able to save a significant amount of time and money simply because your insurance company basically did all the research and selection for you. In addition, the recommended shop that you’ll be choosing will also cut out the need to wait for an inspection or estimate. 

  1. Less paperwork needed

Because the insurance company has already vetted the body shop it has recommended to you, there is no need for shuttling back and forth between a service provider and the insurance company for paperwork. Additionally, working with a pre-approved body shop or car shop also makes it a whole lot easier to assure yourself of quality work that will last long after your car comes out again past the garage doors! 

  1. Greater discounts

Aside from taking care of the main expenses for you, insurance company-approved body shops also provide discounts. They can help lower the price that you have to pay out of your pocket for repair costs beyond your policy coverage. Getting that extra reduction in the final price can help take off a load of stress from your plate after a car accident. More so, you’ll be able to save up right away because the estimate is almost always provided the same day you bring your car in. 

Final words

Choosing an insurance company-approved body shop to take care of your post-accident repairs is a smart move that can pay off in the long run, no questions asked. Should you find yourself in a sticky situation wherein you can’t seem to settle on a certain body repair shop to work with, check your insurance provider’s list of approved shops right away. 

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